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Pride and Prejudice (Modern Library Classics)

Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen, Anna Quindlen I've always loved the BBC mini series. I have watched it so many times - but I've always been put off reading the book for two reasons. 1) I find it hard to read a book I've already seen the movie of. 2) I had to read Emma in school and could barely get through it.
However, Pride and Prejudice I have devoured. It helps that this particular novel has a much more relateable heroine than Emma (while she gains a little substance at the end of the book you have to put up with her shallowness the whole way through).
Jane Austen has so much wit and depth. I love that by reading on my kindle app I can easily define words I don't know and am always delighted to learn - there's so much potential with the English language for expressed meaning that we have forgotten and ignored. Sad really....
Now I'm sure I will get through the rest of her books over the course of my life (Sense and Sensibility is next)