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Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, Book 4)

Breaking Dawn - Stephenie Meyer I'm afraid I fit into that not-so-rare category of loving the twilight saga. I read the first three books in the space of a week and promptly pre-ordered the fourth. I've read all of the 'extra' stuff (deleted scenes and whatnot) on Meyers website and savoured every last drop.
I've heard these books described as simple and unbelievable, normally two characteristics that I hate in books. But obviously I don't hate Twilight, so what gives?
For me, Twilight is a fantasy in the true sense of the word. An almost old fashioned fairy tale or perhaps even a dream. While some people complain in Bella and Edward's obsessions, I revel in it. I love the over the top extremes and intensities. I think that the enjoyment Meyer got out of writing comes across as it's a fun and addictive tale, though perhaps not a great literary piece.
Some complain about the fourth book... that everything works out too perfectly to be believable. For me it made sense... maybe not for the real world but for what Meyer was trying to achieve. I don't think she was aiming for any awards for insight into a genuine human experience. She was writing her dream, and as her dream it was perfect. Fun, obsessive, compelling.

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