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Before the Dawn (Dark Angel)

Before the Dawn - Max Allan Collins Like most avid fans of the Dark Angel series, I was devastated when the series was cut short on the most shocking of cliff-hangers with so many questions left unanswered. I hoped against hope that they would at very least make a movie to tie off loose ends, buy alas, my prayers went unanswered.
Then, I discovered that someone had written three tie-in books. I HAD to have them. I ordered them from my favourite online bookstore (betterworldbooks.com) and got stuck in.
I didn't really know what to expect. I've always steered clear of movie tie-in books before, being very skeptical of the content and quality of writing. Though I must say that Max Allan Collins does a solid job. I think he captures all of the characters perfectly so I could see the story playing out in my mind just as I would have on tv.
The first book explains a lot about what happened before the series began. How Max escaped Manticore, her life as a child in the outside world, escaping her foster family, and how she came to be in Seatle. I think this may have even been the best of the three books, probably because I didn't have any expectations for the content. It was all new and interesting.
The second and third books didn't sit quite as well with me. The major downfall was that I didn't believe the Max and Logan ending. It felt like a ending that was conjured up because Collins had a 3 book deal and that was all he could fit in. Sorry mate, I just didn't buy it.
There were a couple of other bits and pieces that weren't exactly right either but that was the biggest one.
Overall though, the books were well written and enjoyable. Despite their flaws they definitely satisfied my quest for answers.