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The Ambassador's Mission (The Traitor Spy Trilogy)

The Ambassador's Mission (The Traitor Spy Trilogy) - Trudi Canavan *sigh*
This has been a wonderful book to keep me company with many weeks of long waits in the maternity outpatients waiting room. It's easy to get lost and not notice that an hour has gone by and the midwives haven't called my name yet. In true Trudi Canavan fashion the language is engaging and the characters appealing. Oh, and don't even get me started on plot! I love the depth and the twists and turns and mystery.
Some things were a little lacking... for example I found some of the characters a little flat. Achati, for example, didn't really seem like he had a lot of personality. And even Lorkin, I don't know... I wished that he was just a little more interesting.
It was also kind of strange to think of Sonea as the clucking mother of a fully grown son. I especially found it strange that she hadn't really developed any new friends among the magicians in all that time, despite her intimidating position. It was a little sad.
Still, none of these issues really effected my overall enjoyment of the book, and due to the ending I have a sneaking suspicion that the second in the series will be even better. Woo!