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Fire Study

Fire Study  - Maria V. Snyder The first book in this series pulled me in with it's fast moving plot and engaging characters. The fact that it was loaded with a tangled web of highly debatable issues and topics just made it all the more interesting. But at the end of the day what made it a great book was that it was just plain enjoyable. The second book was the same, except I loved it all the more because I already love all the characters and I loved the journey I was being taken on.
The third book in the series was for me a step back. My frustrations with this installment seem to me to be a lack of editing perhaps due to time constraints. I just can't understand why someone didn't say why is this young woman behaving like a child?
Don't get me wrong, this was a good book filled with so many interesting plot ideas and character developments... but what lost it for me was just how frustrating Yalena was. I understand that her childish anger and pushing everyone away was central to the ultimate plot... but it just seemed unrealistically immature for someone Yalena's age with her life experience. I kept having to remind myself that she wasn't 14. And there was the complete exasperation when Yalena or anybody else for that fact couldn't figure out who the betrayer was when it was so completely obvious... I didn't have any more information that the characters in the book and I worked it out in an instant and I'm normally not very good at that sort of thing.
But, as always I loved the fast paced action that always took me by surprise and found the notions and concepts raised very interesting.
Overall, it was a decent continuation of a series that was only a little disappointing because it could have been better.