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Inside Out (Harlequin Teen)

Inside Out - Maria V. Snyder I had always planned to read this book simply because I enjoy Maria V Snyder, but what put me over the edge was an exceptionally good review I saw from someone I follow... so I went into this one with pretty high hopes.
I wasn't let down per-say. It was a really enjoyable read with some great political ideas and themes, which is typical of Snyder even in her fantasy. It wasn't epic, but it was solid. Good characters, not great characters. I am noticing a bit of a pattern with Snyder in her characters... Trella and Yalena certainly have a lot in common, as do there mothers. It's a pattern that annoys me very slightly... mainly because Trella and Yalena can both be a bit thick at times, in a way that I don't think really works with the plot. But it is a small issue because it pales in comparison to the overall plot.
Anyway, I like.