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Darkfall Book 1 of the Legendsong

Darkfall - Isobelle Carmody What must be a long time ago now I had a Borders voucher and wanted to get 'bang-for-buck' on an Isobelle Carmody book. I was up to Ashling in the Obernewtyn series, but Darkfall was such a thick and inviting book I had to go with that option. And though it has taken a couple of years (and two trys) to get through it, I'm glad I did.
This is not a light, easy read. It's complicated, emotional, deep and at times a little confusing. The first time I read it I got half way before I needed a break and then forgot about it. The second time round I found I understood the deeper hidden meanings a little more and though it took me a few weeks I got all the way through and enjoyed it immensely.
What Carmody does best is fusion genres that blend a little of something with a little fantasy. She does it in a way that is both believable and enchanting. Darkfall is no different, the blend between the real life drama of the word we live in and the epic fantasy of a whole other world with three moons and a sun named Kalinda is just breathtaking.
The characters have such a rich depth (more so even than Obernewtyn, I think) and the story is so well thought out and woven together that I can imagine the following books being just as amazing.
The only fault is that it is long. It's hard work to get through. I think if it was a third shorter that would be idea. But this isn't that much of a big deal because although it's hard work - it's good hard work. If I could give it an extra half a star I would.