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The Sign of the Four (Sherlock Holmes)

Judgment Calls (Samantha Kincaid #1) - Alafair Burke I am forming opinions about this Shelock fellow and his friend Watson. I am beginning to think that they are in fact two sides of the same person, their creator. I get the impression that Mr Doyle has a proud side, a clever side, that desires nothing more than to rave at it's own importance (perhaps this is a side we all have to some degree). This is a side that he longed to express and exaggerate in Sherlock Holmes. But, as in real life, he needed to subdue this side of his character with his more humble and romantic side, enter Dr. Watson. Which explains why Watson is constantly fawning over Sherlock and telling him what a clever boy he is.
Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. I love the Sherlock/Watson duo as they certainly make each other much more palatable, perhaps even delicious.
I liked The Sign of the Four much better that The Study in Scarlet. But I still liked them both a lot. I'm reading them on the kindle app on my phone as I rock my little girl to sleep, and I end up sitting in her dark room for much longer than I initially intend because I just can't stop. I love that feeling.
There was a bit of racism in this book that I didn't expect because the characters seem so sensible you don't expect them to hold such prosaic views, but with time that ACD lived it's not really surprising that there would be an published text that considers a whole island of people "savages".
I'm halfway through the first volume of short stories now, which is still only 15% of the way through the entire collective works regarding Sherlock. Normally I would find this overwhelming, but instead I'm quite pleased. I hope they last me a long while.