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Battle Magic

Battle Magic - Tamora Pierce I've never been as big a fan of the 'Circle' universe stuff as opposed to the 'Tortal' universe stuff. Across the board I find the characters, plot and writing style lacking. I read them simply because, they're Tamora books and one day they might catch up to something good.
For me, this book has done that. I like Rosethorn and Evvy as characters and even Briar is starting to warm on me.
My memory is pretty useless so I kept thinking, 'Why is it that we're not talking about the fact that this is the second heart of a mountain Evvy has found? And what happened to the last one?' Once I grasped that it was the same mountain it all started to come together.
I still don't think it's Tortal material (debate all you like) but I enjoyed this one. Not because it's better, just because I've found some voices in this universe that I find interesting and care about. Sandry and Daja and Lark bore me to tears. Tris is a little more interesting. Maybe good things can happen down the track.