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The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
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Proverbs: The Tree of Life
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Stirrings Of The Soul: Evangelicals And The New Spirituality
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The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection
Arthur Conan Doyle

Tomorrow, When the War Began

Tomorrow, When the War Began  - John Marsden I knew that these books were supposedly "good" or in fact "really really good" as I was was being told so constantly by friends who had read them. And I believed them, but they just never really appealed to me. Then one day I found the first book at Lifeline Bookfest and suddenly I was in it.
To begin with, it's such an interesting concept, the idea of Australia being invaded. It's also interesting to consider the differences in the world since the book was written.
It tackles big issues like fear, responsibility, bravery, relationships and whether life really can go on after something tragic and horrific has happened. It's a great book to keep you up at night asking questions like, what would I do?