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The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
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Proverbs: The Tree of Life
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Stirrings Of The Soul: Evangelicals And The New Spirituality
Michael Raiter
The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection
Arthur Conan Doyle

Darkness Be My Friend (The Tomorrow Series #4)

Darkness, Be My Friend - John Marsden I believe these books. Every word that comes out of John Marsden through the voice of Ellie I believe wholeheartedly. He has created such a depth of of characters and events that are so realistic and yet so surprising. With each novel in the series I'm more and more drawn in to the story.
I especially like that all the corners of the story aren't rounded off so every little thing fits neatly together. You genuinely don't know if the kids (for lack of a better term) will pull off whatever stunt their attempting or even if they'll make it through the night without some catastrophe because a lot of the time they don't, but sometimes they do. It's all part of what makes this a seriously good series.
The other thing that makes this series so addictive is the thought provoking style in which it's written, with Ellie confessing all her most embarrassing and morally controversial thoughts. It makes me sit there thinking, is that right? would I think like that in her situation? what would I do? I love books that stimulate the mind rather than just indulge it.